Saturday, April 20, 2013

Change.... it'll do you good.

Moving back to Canada, my homeland, last November was daunting.  I accepted the reasons why at the time, feared the challenges that were looming, but also tried to envision what it could all look (metaphorically) like in a perfect world.  Inevitably, the acceptance turned into an embracement of the necessary, the fear turned into determination to overcome obstacles, and the vision is slowly coming true. Its funny how we THINK we choose the paths we take in life. Where, from my experience, often those paths become so fluidly based on an unconscious metaphysical level of choice and direction, melded with fate, the spirits and the fortunate or unfortunate invisible puppeteering fingers of life, that we are truly at the disposal of a revolving nature vs nurture debate that has no right answer or preparation pack.  The best we can do is to be honest, realistic and again, acknowledge, accept and embrace that who we are ... and who we could to will be tomorrow.

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